Saturday, May 26, 2007

Breakfast and Waitress

So today was day two of the hanging-with-the-grandparents thing. They were supposed to call me around 9 this morning and tell me where to meet them for brunch. So of course they call at 8:30 and want me to meet them by quarter to 10 up by their apartment. Now, in my world, if I have to be in a restaurant before 10 on a Saturday morning, that's breakfast not brunch. Don't get me wrong, I was awake because the cats are convinced they're going to die a horrible death if they don't eat by 7:30, but I was not prepared to leave my apartment.

Anyway, we ate at this place that they love and I am utterly indifferent to with a french name and a rather generic appearance. The owner also has a Mexican place next door. Apparently he figured that his employees were all Mexican so hey, why not? I had waffles with strawberries, blackberries, bananas, whipped cream, and strawberry sauce, so I was happy even if the waffle itself was slightly mushy.

Then off to see Waitress at the movie theater in Union Square. It's a nice little movie and Keri Russel is adorable. I never watched Felicity (no really, I've never seen one single episode) but I assume that most people knew this already. All I knew was that she once got a very controversial haircut that I really didn't think looked that bad. I also loved Cheryl Hines in the movie. And the fact that it wasn't a romance. It was actually, for all it had a happy ending, quite bittersweet.

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