Sunday, May 13, 2007

This and That

I've done nothing particularly interesting to read about this weekend. I did go to a graduation party out on Long Island yesterday. While I do not generally consider myself a big fan of the island I do like it once you get to the part where there are lots of trees and the roads are all twisty. For the occasional trip anyway. This particular house though, would make me consider moving out there. Mind you, I would need to make more money than I anticipate making and all, but it was a lovely house and an even lovelier yard of the sort I wish I had growing up. I lived in a very nice area but it was all fairly new and lacking in character. This place was more of the distinct and individual sort. Also present: good food, adorable dogs, and nice people. So all in all it was worth the train ride out.

And today all I did was run errands. I did finally find a pair of jeans that fits properly though (or will once I get them hemmed) So that's a plus. The only pair I had was huge on me, so it's nice to have a pair that actually fits.

Anyway, such excitement. One interesting(ish) thing is that I am in the beginning stages of planning a possible (and very cheap) weekend trip. However it requires a couple things to go right. Namely Wendy's mother finding functional camping supplies stashed somewhere in their basement and my grandparents agreeing to lend me their car. I have my father working on the car though. He is to remind them that I am a very responsible driver and neglect to mention that I only drive once every six months or so and therefore might be a bit out of practice. I suspect he'll do a good job because the idea that I would leave the (awful) city voluntarily to go on (something so wonderful as) a hike in the (spectacular) outdoors fills him with glee. What would really make him happy would be for us to successfully plan the trip to coincide with an ADK hike which we could then join, but I don't know if that'll work out.


N said...

I've started buying straight-leg pants, haha...the flare/boot-legs tend to have the curve at the wrong part of my legs because of stature issues XD

Meg said...

My problem is that my thighs are a different size than the rest of my body in most cuts. So if they fit on the thighs they sag everywhere else, and then, insult to injury, they end up sagging so low that they're too big around the thighs as well, thus looking ridiculous. Also, I judging from my soon to be condemned not-fitting pants, I am two sizes smaller in Calvin Klein jeans than in any others. The company practically invents heroine chic and yet they think I'm a size 2? It makes no sense whatsoever.

Anyway, I had to spend more than I wanted but the new pants do look pretty great.