Saturday, May 05, 2007

Shopping etc.

What could be more mundane then my writing about my shopping Saturday shopping. Next thing you know, I'll be taking pictures in the grocery store just so I can truly document all the boring, quotidian details of my life with you. Anyway, I was walking around the neighborhood last night, because when I get antsy at night I tend to kind of bounce around in circles in my apartment which is problematic for two reasons: a) it's really obnoxious b) it has led to me spraining my ankle on not one, but two, occasions. So anyway, out walking. And I saw a dress outside a store on 2nd Avenue and thought, I must have that dress. But I then decided I didn't need the dress and didn't go into the store.

Then--and could this story get any more inane?--this morning I decided that I really did want the dress. And also that it was high time that I went shopping for new jeans since the only pair I have has a saggy butt and is just generally too big. Calvin Klein has a serious vanity sizing problem and it needs to stop. Because I'm not a size 2. There's just no reason I should have to replace size 4 jeans because they're literally falling off. It's absurd. Also, I was in a good mood this morning, which is a shopping necessity for me. I'm not a retail therapy kind of girl. I find the whole process stressful.

Anyway, the ladies who run this store are delightful and keep making suggestions and bringing you new things to try and saying things like, "oh, this one looks really cute on." Then they poke their heads into the dressing room (it's just a curtained off space) and give you their opinion on the dress. I loved them. The dress I wanted was only available in medium and large and the medium was quite a bit too big, so I tried on other stuff instead, and found this really cute black dress (and I took pictures of these to show my mother, so I might as well post them here as well). It's very simple and made of that material that you can just kind of ball up and stick somewhere without having to worry about it getting wrinkled. And the detailing is really quite nice. It goes all the way around to the back.

Anyway, it's a nice floaty summer dress even if it's not in a summery color. And, I can pair it with a cute cardigan and get away with wearing it to work. Because it's long enough that I can consider it business casual. With the top covered, anyway. And yes, I used all these things to justify buying a dress I wasn't planning on getting.

I really needed the justification, too, because it turned out that the dress I'd seen outside was a small, and they went and stripped the mannequin for me. The black dress is at least, although a casual fabric, pretty simple and multifunctional. The mannequin dress? Not so much. And I have nothing in particular to wear it to. But I think that, paired with the right shoes and bag, I can just wear it casually when out and about. And it does have a summery look to it. Incidentally, my dad is totally going to see these pictures and call me up all, "so when are you going to start exercising your arms? Because you really should." Oh the joys of having an exercise fanatic for a father and flabby arms.

Anyway, having bought my dresses and moved on to looking for jeans, which was a disaster and shall have to be attempted again tomorrow. Then I decided that I needed black sandals to go with my new black dress, so off I went to Sacco because I figured as long as I was spending money I might as well add shoes to the list. Unfortunately they had no black sandals that I liked. Even more unfortunately, they did have brown sandals that I loved. So you can add that to the list of impulse purchases today. Again, justifiable though, as I needed a pair of brown sandals I could get away with wearing with a dress as well as jeans. My only other brown ones are rather chunky and super-casual. I did wind up buying a cheap pair of plain black flip-floppy sandals at Aldo, so I got what I needed as well in that regard.

It was nice to spend so much of the day walking around too, since it was beautiful today. I got one of those mangos on a stick (the ones where they slice it so it looks kind of like a giant, edible flower) and a lemonade-y flavored smoothie at Jamba Juice. And when I got home I went out and read on the balcony with the cats. Pyramus has to wear a little halter and we attach him to a chair with a leash, because he once tried to climb over the edge of balcony and we live on the fourth floor so it wouldn't be pretty. Provided he survivde it, the vet bills might kill Wendy and me. Bonnie, meanwhile, got kicked inside after a little while because she keeps trying to climb over to our next door neighbors. As soon as we get around to buying another, she too will be forced to wear a halter. Despite that brief drama--she was not a happy cat--it was really lovely.

I promise not to regale you with tales of jean shopping tomorrow.


Kirsten said...

what store did you get the dresses? they are very pretty ^_^

N said...

They look so pretty ^.^

Meg said...

Kir: They're from Enz's which is on the west side of 2nd ave btwn 7th and St. Marks. They had a lot of nice stuff (in addition to these two), I thought.