Monday, January 28, 2008

Forbidden Planet

My day at work was Crappy--yes, so much so that it deserves capitalization--and thoroughly frustrating, so when I got home instead of doing the multitudinous things that need doing around the apartment I sat around in the living room eating Americone Dream and watching Forbidden Planet with Wendy. Part of my '50s sci fi education (next up is Them!). Today sucked. But Forbidden Planet is pretty awesome.

On a total side note, the highlight of my crappy day--setting aside deliciously bad special effects--was watching Obama's S. Carolina speech. Either that man's quite the writer or his speechwriter deserves a very nice raise. Or both.


andrew said...

Sounds like a fun marathon. Forbidden Planet is a pretty decent flick. If you liked that, you'll dig Them! too. Just don't forget The Day The Earth Stood Still. It is absolutely essential 50's sci-fi!

Meg said...

I love The Day the Earth Stood Still! My roommate made me watch that one last time we did the '50s sci-fi thing. She takes my education very seriously.