Sunday, January 06, 2008

Family Pets

One of my favorite parts of going to visit my parents is getting to see the pets. The senior member of the menagerie is our crotchety, half-feral cat, Topaz.

She's had a rough year, largely due to this interloper.
Darth is pretty much a big teddy bear, at least with humans, and probably one of the few cats on the planet who could put up with my brother.

The real fun of seeing the pets though, is the family dog, Honey. She edging up on 10 years old and her health is not so good. She's always had health problems so this really isn't a surprise, but we worry over her. You really couldn't ask for a better, or friendlier dog.

And in case you're wondering, the picture directly above is totally the reason for this inane post.

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N said...

Well that new fellow is quite handsome ^_^

Aww I miss Honey and her antics. She's so cute :3