Friday, August 31, 2007

More of What I'm Reading

  • A couple days ago I was delighted to learn that a blog I read has become the number one google hit for "super smoking hottie." Katebits has funniest Sabres blogger all wrapped up and her quest to select a favorite Sabre has been one of the most delightful parts of the hockey offseason. Incidentally, hits 2-5: Deadspin,, and two porn sites.

  • Vogue apparently decided that they should produce a fall magazine that is actually the size of the bible. On the front cover they announce "Our Biggest Issue Ever," which is code for "Our Most Profitable Issue Ever," because it's all ads. Reading Vogue brings to mind several questions. Some of which are:
    • Isn't it a little ridiculous to still be on the table of contents at page 186?
    • Should the constriction of a huge metal belt which serves no belt-like purpose arouse my inner feminist? And what's with the locks? Who exactly gets to unlock this contraption? And isn't the whole look fairly intriguing anyway?
    • And finally, who thought this rather phallic hairstyle might look anything other than ridiculous.

  • Apparently some Russian lady has written a 600 page attack on Anna Akhmatova, the gist of which is that she wasn't a very good person. I wasn't aware of the fact that great artists are generally also lovely people. Something that the article linked above points out, stating, "there are several hundred lines of Akhmatova's poetry that make the question of whether she was a model human being utterly irrelevant." If being a nice person was required to be considered a great writer, we'd be rather short on great writers, I imagine.
  • I've been slowly catching up on back issues of The New Yorker. Too far behind to link much, but they've got a profile of Giuliani that encapsulates exactly why he's so awful. That being the fact that he's a nasty, rotten person. It's long, but worth reading. That's "America's Mayor" ladies and gentlemen.


Kate said...

I clearly got behind in my Haul Your Paper Boats reading! I missed this delightful shout-out! The "Super Smoking Hottie" thing still confuses me. I don't know how that happened. I can only hope that it's a result of Teppo goggling "super smoking hottie" over and over again, until his link became number one.

Meg said...

I imagine that Teppo is terribly flattered to be the number one hit for "super smoking hottie." Take that Brad Pitt (or whomever)!