Saturday, August 18, 2007


For months (yes, really) I've been avoiding making changes on the blog because, when I did, I wanted to include a list of blogs I read and I knew I'd forget about a million. But today I'm doing something I hate even more than trying to remember all the things I read: cleaning the bathroom. So, I decided to take a break and get things updated. I'm sure I've forgotten lots of blogs I ought to have remembered, particularly in the hockey blog segment, and I'll add those as I think of them. Not that it really matters, because no one actually follows the links from here anyway seeing as I don't get that much traffic. Writing into the void is what I'm doing. Then again a blog is an exercise in narcissism so that seems appropriate.

The new template is because the old one always fucked up the line spacing after a block quote. The new header is because spring is long past so the old one seemed inappropriate.

And now, I have to go wash my bathroom walls. Blech.

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