Thursday, August 30, 2007

I love dysfunctional alcoholics! Really.

Went with my grandmother last night to see 33 to Nothing, which is at a theater near my apartment called the Wild Project, which is an "eco-conscious" theater. Taking place in real time, the play shows us the rehearsal of a band falling apart.

I certainly wasn't expecting the play to be what it was. Thank you for that, TONY. When you describe a play as "adorable," I somehow don't expect it to center on a narcissistic alcoholic. At no point during this did I think, oh, how cute! Adorable is puppies, and children who are seen but not heard, not drunkards.

Anyway, I thought the music was a bit two Coldplay for my tastes, the acting was uneven, and the play was a bit too centered on the lead singer/alcoholic/least functional member of the band, leading to the other characters not being well fleshed out. That said, while the conflict between the band members is hardly original it is believable, and the dialogue is clever and entertaining.

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