Sunday, August 26, 2007

Coney Island and the New York Aquarium

Kir and Wendy had decided they were, at some point this summer, going to the New York Aquarium on Coney Island. So Saturday morning Wendy and I headed out to Coney Island to spend some time at the beach before Kir met us in the afternoon for a bit more beach and the aquarium.

The day started out rather gray, as you can see in these first couple pictures, but turned quite beautiful as it went on.

I haven't really been following what's happening with Coney Island, and I certainly don't understand the intricacies of the situation but I'm glad that the Wonder Wheel and Cyclone are protected at least. Not having grown up in New York City, I don't have many childhood memories of Coney Island, but I did go there once with my grandparents and the image that sticks out is of the overgrown Thunderbolt roller coaster, which was torn down a couple years later. Anyway, I'm going to try to get there again on Labor Day weekend (along with the rest of New York, I imagine).

Anyway, it was a fun, beachy day, though of course my pale self is now burned despite my 45 SPF sunscreen.

Sparkly lines of mica in the sand, as readjusted by the waves.

Wendy and I watched a seagull catch and eat a crab. Another seagull came and grabbed a leg that had come off. I'm always glad to see city animals eating what they're meant to be eating instead of human garbage.

This was as close as they would let me get--not so tame, happily.

We went to the aquarium at about 3:30 which was good fun. I've been to aquariums before, of course, but never the one in New York City. It's quite nice. Pictures below, although most of them didn't come out quite clear. Never fun taking photos through glass, although I'm sure many people are better at it than I am.

Black-Footed Penguins

Sea Otter--very large (they can weigh up to 100 lbs) he was busily grooming and spinning rapidly around in the water. Pretty adorable.

Red-Bellied Piranhas

Bolivian Ram--these little guys share a tank with the Piranhas and lots of Tetras

Anemones--I'm quite happy with the way this picture came out.

Stingray in the shark exhibit. There were also sea turtles but I couldn't get a good picture.


Seahorses with tails entwined.

Moon Jellyfish

More Jellyfish (not sure what species)

Red Striped Sea Nettle--This is another picture I'm happy with.


As we were leaving, the walrus, who had previously been swimming around, was up at the glass, talking to people and showing off a bit. A fun end to the day.

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