Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Whisper of the Whistling Water

Well, I think it's safe to say that this has supplanted Watermill on Wendy's list of most boring things I've gotten her to go see. When my friend called and asked if I wanted to see a documentary on Louise Bourgeois at the Anthology Film Archive I said, "Who?" and then figured, "Sure, why not?" because it could be interesting and I figured I'd learn something. As it turns out, some of her work was familiar to me and I did learn some stuff but I think the only way it could have been interesting for me was if the artist was of particular interest to me or if I really enjoyed her work. There were all sorts of details that probably have more value if you go in with a basic, working knowledge of her life. As it was, around the time that Bourgeois was spending quite some time showing the filmmaker a ticking metronome which is virtually identical to one that sits in my apartment I decided that--despite moments of interest and humor--I might have more fun banging my head against a wall. Although I did really like the beginning when she was telling us about different tapestries. That was neat.

Anyway, afterward Wendy and I went home and watched the results show of So You Think You Can Dance? while reveling in our philistinism.

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