Thursday, July 24, 2008

Martha Wainwright at Highline Ballroom

When I first listened to Wainwright's new record I was underwhelmed but wanted to hear her performing the songs live. And as is so often the case with her, they did work better when she was performing them right there in front of you. And I was tickled by the fact that acknowledged of the "overly flowery" nature of many of her lyrics (it's true, they are). Her voice is rawer and more interesting live and she takes more risks with the songs. She also has a likable stage presence--kind of Rufus minus the egomania if such a thing is possible. Despite being a bit hoarse last night it was an enjoyable concert and I particularly enjoyed her singing Stormy Weather and then performing one of my very favorite of her songs, Don't Forget, with Rufus and their mother Kate McGarrigle. Now if only I wasn't always getting stuck standing behind tall people.

Opening for Martha last night was Justin Bond, who I've only seen performing as Kiki from Kiki and Herb, not as himself. He's thoroughly entertaining both ways, so that was fun.

Despite doing a fair bit of whining about having to go all the way across town on a hot, rainy night it was a really a nice time and totally worth it.

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