Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bath II

I'm sorry, I know this ringworm stuff is probably pretty boring for everyone by now, but my life is kind of revolving around it at the moment. Today we did the lime sulfur bath the right way, by which I mean we didn't rinse it off. The smell is so strong that it's actually a bit tough to breathe in my room. Also his little paws are yellow.

The e-collar--which Wendy told me today stands for Elizabethan collar, which I think is really neat--is totally necessary because in between refusing to look at us and getting stuck while trying to slink he's desperately attempting to groom. As it is, he keeps grooming his e-collar instead of his fur.

Fortunately one nice thing about having a roommate employed by an animal hospital is that she has a generous supply of scrubs. Some of which are clearly massive on her because they fit me.

This week has been better in one respect. I made cocktails.
That's right. This experience is driving even my teetotaling roommate to drink. Lightly, anyway.


Schnookie said...

Oh my god -- Pyramus's little yellow paw is the saddest, funniest thing I've ever seen! He looks a lot less happy this time around, or rather, you've taken a lot less happier pictures of him. Poor little guy.

In happier news, that cocktail looks divine! What went in it?

Meg said...

Yeah, he was really miserable right there because he'd just gotten out of the bath and since we didn't rinse him this time he smelled sooooo much worse.

The cocktail is just Sex on the Beach, and I didn't think to buy pineapple juice so it's orange juice, cranberry juice, vodka, and peach schnapps. Because me roommate really doesn't drink I wanted to make something that I knew would taste very non-alcoholish rather than experimenting with anything new. Also I'm not much of a cocktail maker because I never have much variety on hand liquor-wise so I just end up making screwdrivers. So this seemed like an easy thing to start with. :)

Schnookie said...

Poor stinky Pyramus! :(

I think the modified Sex on the Beach sounds delightful! I guess some good has come from this horrible ordeal (although Pyramus was probably wondering where his cocktail was...).

hesslei said...

Cat bath- Cat shampoo