Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Love Letter to the Purrfect Post People

Awhile back, looking to replace our ultra-ghetto scratching post (seriously, it was an old rug scratching post with a pair of jeans stapled onto it since the rug was worn out), Wendy and I followed a recommendation from a friend and bought the cats a PurrFect Post. The cats adore it and we were a little concerned about how we were going to properly clean it during the Great De-Sporing. So Wendy called the people of PurrFect Post and explained the situation, asking if we could bleach the post. She had assumed they would have heard the question before, but they hadn't. So they promised to speak to the doctor and get back to her. Which they did. Promptly. Only to say that they didn't know if the post would survive or not but if it didn't they'd be happy to give us a discount on a new one. And also to please email and let them know how it went. 

And all that is well and good, but they went further by also sending us a toy to help "our little guy get through his tough time" or something to that effect. Just to be nice. Now that's customer service. 

The post, incidentally? Just fine post-bleaching.

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Anonymous said...


JoAnn here from the PurrFect Post customer service....
Thank you for the great comments regarding our Purrfect Post and the "purrfect" customer service we provide!
Dr. Schelling received this from Google and needless to say she was thrilled! She takes great pride in the PurrFect Post and loves to hear that the customer service team are on thier toes.
May we have your permission to use this letter on our testimonial page on purrfectpost.com?
Email me at orders@purrfectpost.com to confirm.

Thank you and have a Purrfect day!