Thursday, December 06, 2007

Tree Envy

So, until I had my own apartment I never once had a fake tree. My family always has carefully selected--and usually self-cut--real trees. To me a beautiful tree--and in my family's case a massively fat tree--pretty much is Christmas. But my roommate thought the cats and a real tree would cause problems and neither of us are actually home for Christmas so we figured it would die. Not having a real tree has made me a little sad the last couple years, but since I head up to Buffalo to spend the actual holiday with my family it was tolerable.

But this morning we woke up to fake tree needle filled vomit courtesy of the little genius on the left. So we figured maybe a spiky real tree would be a better eating deterrent than the not-so-spiky fake one. And besides, if she's going to eat the damn thing anyway, we might as well have the pleasure of a real one. Particularly since Wendy is only going to be away for three or so days this year. So off we went this morning and bought ourselves a real tree. It's tall and narrow but quite full and smells absolutely lovely. I am a happy girl.


tonya said...

Aw, poor kitty! I could definitely see my old cat doing something like that :)

Meg said...

Yeah, between our two cats they eat pretty nearly everything. So far she doesn't seem to be eating the real tree though, so ::fingers crossed:: we just may be ok. She's such a smart little thing and yet she things she should eat plastic. I just don't get it.