Thursday, December 20, 2007

In Which Meg Goes to a Hockey Game

I went out to the Island with friends to see the Sabres game last night. Three Sabres fans and an Islanders fan who was really a very good sport about it. Nassau Coliseum is a pain in the ass to get to from my work--really from the city in general--and we got there just in time for the national anthem.

It was pretty empty when we got there and I figured it would fill up as people managed to get out there. I was wrong though. People did kind of filter in as the game progressed but it never filled up much more than half way. Too bad really, as it was largely pretty quiet. The only time the crowd came alive was the one time the Islanders scored to tie the game and then it quickly went quiet again. Toward the end, with the Sabres up by one, the guy behind us muttered, "Anytime you want to start skating, Guerin," and that was about all we heard of the Islander fans' opinions. Well that, and the occasional "shoot," on the power play.

We had nice seats--just a few rows into the 200s to the left of the goalie. Since we were on the end where the Islanders shot twice we had ample opportunity to watch Miller's brilliance--and he was pretty damn brilliant. The rest of the team? Not so much. Although it figures that both of the Sabres goals happened on the other side of the ice where we really couldn't see what was going on. Still, though it wasn't the most exciting of games, it was fun to see the team play and fun to see a win.

I'd have more to say but am too busy and overwhelmed by everything I need to do to write any more tonight. Once I get up to Buffalo (Saturday) I suspect I'll have a lot more free time and I'm very much looking forward to it.


N said...

It would be awesome if we could meet up while you are here ^_^ Let me know what your schedule is like. I'm pretty much free whenever.

Meg said...

I have plans on the 22nd and the 1st, and Christmas Eve/Day of course, but beyond that I'm pretty flexible. I'll give you a call. :)