Monday, December 17, 2007

Decorations Everywhere

So while my Christmas shopping has rather stalled--I like giving people gifts but hate the actually shopping which I'm no good at--but I have been wandering about trying. Today, after leaving work, I walked up 5th Avenue wandering among the tourists. Now I realize that tourists are supposed to drive New Yorkers up the wall at this time of year, and I admit that I avoid Times Square like the plague--although I pretty much do that the rest of the year as well--but I totally get where the tourists are coming from in December. New York City is pretty much the best place in the world at Christmas time. Yes, it's super-commercialized, but it's also beautiful and there's music and dancing and magic everywhere. It was like a wonderland when I was a kid.

So anyway, I walked up past Saks, and while I wasn't interested in waiting in line to see their fabulous windows, I did get few photos.

And one of my favorite decorations, the star hanging over the center of 5th Avenue.

Needless to say, the decorations in my house are a little less flashy. Several of the ornaments on the tree were gifts from my mother, and I love them because they remind me of my family's tree. Also, my roommate and I have somewhat different taste in ornaments--hers being flashier than mine--so I'm glad to have a few homier ornaments.
Made with volcanic ash from Mt. St. Helen's--gift from my sister
One of a couple yarn cat ornaments--they have to go up high because Bonnie thinks they're toys.
Snowmen are a big Christmas theme in my parents' house.

And just to end with something totally unrelated, here is Pyramus happily hanging out in a rather too small shoe box that happened to be close to the radiator.


Pensgirl said...

The first time I was in New York, I was in high school, and my band was marching in Macy's. We spent the whole weekend there and did the whole tourist thing. I remember being at a mall by what I think was the Brooklyn Bridge (don't quote me on that though!), and some friends and I decided to venture outside, where saw what had to be the most perfect little winter scene in the world.

We saw a street that was brick - it looked very quaint and antiquish - and there were little local shops on either side. We decided to venture down. There was a small square with a little, as-yet-undecorated Christmas tree, and just as we started to walk down the street it began to gently snow. It was wonderful - I felt like I was in the middle of a snowglobe. We were just oohing and aahing. Whenever I think of New York, I think of that. Part of me wishes I'd been able to get a picture, and part of me knows a picture would never have done it justice.

Meg said...

That sounds so lovely, Pensgirl. I love those little unexpected moments. :)