Sunday, December 23, 2007

Back Home

I don't get to Buffalo often--generally about once a year--but it's always nice when I do get up here. So in the spirit of holiday cheer, here's a partial ist of things I love about my parents' home:
  • The totally fantastic mattress in my bedroom
  • Home-cooked food that I didn't have to cook for myself (my mother made an awesome Apple Blueberry Pie for my sister's college grad party)
  • The best dog in the whole wide world (even if she does try to hog my bed)
  • Actually having people to drink wine with while standing around the kitchen
  • A living environment that, unlike my apartment, isn't 80 degrees
  • free washer and dryer
  • driving a car
  • not having to always lock the door and carry keys around
  • board games
  • the ability to steal other people's clothing
I know this is less than interesting, but I've just been content and lazy these last couple days so I haven't had that much to write about. I doubt anyone really has time to read blogs right around now anyway.

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