Friday, April 13, 2007


So my problems yesterday all started with this little darling. I like to consider him the perp in this story.

Adorable right? He actually has the ability to be so cute it hurts. This is obviously Darwinian because it probably saved his life. Forget survival of the fittest, what we have here is survival of the cutest.

Anyway, I have a table (it's really a sewing machine but it folds into a table) behind my bed, on which I have two rows of books. In the morning Pyramus likes to climb on top of the books and knock them over. It's part of his it's-breakfast-time-feed-me-before-I-whither-and-die routine, which he does about an hour before his actual breakfast time. It's incredibly obnoxious, not only because it wakes me up but because I'm a bit obsessive about alphabetizing my books and every time he knocks them down I have to re-alphebetize. So yesterday morning he climbed up, and I reached over, as I generally do, and went to keep the books from falling.

If I'd been successful, that would have been nice. Instead I smacked my face right into the edge of the table which, as you can see in the picture, is fairly sharp. I cut myself just above the eye, and it's just a tiny little cut but it bled all over the place. I iced the cut/bump on and off for about an hour to prevent it from swelling too much and took some painkillers for the accompanying headache. It ended up not being too bad although it's both a bit more swollen and a bit darker than it looks in the picture.

Once the headache and some nausea subsided I put on a nice skirt and rainboots, took a moment to be glad that I part my hair to that side so it hides most of the bruising, stuck dress shoes in my purse and headed to work in the pouring rain. And then, as if the morning wasn't long enough there were signals out on the subway line and the ride took nearly three times as long as it normally does. So all in all, a pretty sucky start to the day. The rest of the day was fine though.

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