Saturday, April 28, 2007


I feel like crap, and should be in bed (because yes I'm that sad in addition to being gross at the moment) but instead I'm watching a live webcast of Andrew Bird at Coachella. I have tickets to see him in mid-May (yay!) but he's always fun to watch live, switching instuments all the time and looping different sounds and such. His new album didn't disappoint me at all, thankfully. And Regina Spektor's on later so of course I have to stay up for that. Coachella is the one music festival I always wish I could go to. Not going to happen any year soon though.

Anyway, it's very cool that they're doing this webcast thing, although I didn't know about it until just now and I don't think there are too many people I want to see tomorrow. I would have liked to see Of Montreal and Bjork yesterday if I had known.

I'm sorry. This rambling is probably not terribly interesting and yet I'm posting it anyway...

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