Friday, April 20, 2007

New pets? Really?

I think it's one of those things--you live with someone who plans to be a vet, you occasionally come home to find new animals in residence. About a year-and-a-half ago it was a cat, whom I adore, so that's totally fine. He's the grey tabby--Pyramus--I've posted pictures of before. Up there being his cute self (that's Wendy, not me he's lying on). Bonnie, is the tortoiseshell calico a bit further down. She's just about as prim and proper as he is ridiculous, and spends and inordinate amount of time grooming him. Then he gets tired of it and bites her head. You'll have to take my word for it, but it's pretty adorable.

So today I get home from work and Wendy comes out of her room, doing this whole thing that she does where she's like, "If you're not ok with this just let me know, and it's totally ok if you have a problem with it, but I bought something. But we can take it back if it's not ok!" To which I said, "You didn't bring home a cat did you?" She immediately said she didn't bring home a cat so I was thinking lizards or something of the sort. Because I like lizards just fine but I really don't want one as a pet and she knows I wouldn't be thrilled by that. So I was actually a bit relieved to see that she'd bought a couple of budgies. She went to the store with her mother for fish (which we'd talked about getting) and came back with birds instead. And honestly, I like birds better than fish so I'm totally fine with the tradeoff. My only concern would be the cats, but Wendy seems to have a very thorough bird protection plan in place.

They're very cute though. They're about six weeks old, so full grown but still immature. The male is a uniform pale blue and very bold. He sat on my finger and preened all over. And when he's in the cage he pesters the female constantly. She's a darker blue with grey wings and seems totally freaked out by us and of a generally much more reserved disposition. Which is apparently typical of females. I'll try to get pictures in the near future.

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