Sunday, April 08, 2007

April? What April? is too fucking cold for April and it's making me very cranky. The hat, the gloves, the wool coat. Ick. Granted there are lots of places colder than New York, but as I'm not in those places I feel like I might as well whine about the place I am.

I started a book and stopped decided not to read it for the first time in awhile. The basic premise of the book is that being obsessively organized is often neither cost nor time efficient. I don't need to read two hundred pages to be convinced of that, as anyone who has seen my room can attest. I passed it on to my mother. If nothing else she can wave it in front of my father when he goes on one of his multiple-times-weekly organization and efficiency jihads. Not that it'll have much of an effect.

In only slightly related news, my mother and brother Cody are down for the weekend. Friday they came over to the apartment so my brother could see the cats--he calls Pyramus "the boss," something Pyramus no doubt deeply wishes was the truth--and my mother could see the new carpet she bought me. Which is lovely, incidentally, and it's very nice to have a carpet in my bedroom for the first time of years. It also meant I got to give her the books I'd set aside for her and a couple of books on cd for my dad.

We went to meet my grandparents at the Sidewalk Cafe on Avenue A. This was also good because I had about eleven romances and mysteries stacked on my dresser to give to my grandfather. He's a reader of historical romances and get through about a book a day, so I try to help keep him stocked. Restaurants are always a bit interesting with my brother, who has Down Syndrome. He was actually quite good, but insisted on going outside at the end of dinner and eating his ice cream in the cold. A few minutes later, I looked out the window to see him lying on the ground. It turns out that someone had tied up their chihuahua and he'd gotten down to pet it. You never know with him though.

Saturday it was to the Met for the Tiffany exhibit (again). Cody rushed my mother through the exhibit but I think she still liked seeing it. And my roommate Wendy, who came with us, bought a 500 piece Tiffany puzzle, so now we're really in a position to behave like elderly old maids. We can stay in on Friday nights watching Masterpiece Theatre and doing puzzles. How great is that?

He really wanted to go see the mummies in the egyptian art section. He's convinced that they'll come to life and it'll be super cool. Of course the mummies there are disappointing because there are so few of them, and the ones in their wrappings weren't even on display. I think he was hoping for something like the huge display at the British Museum. When he was there he got to see a movie on mummies and everything so that was obviously much more exciting. He was very insistent that my mother read some of the hieroglyphics to him, so we walked around with her making up things like, "And then the Sun king came, and he saw that things were good and all was well with the land. Peace be with you."

Wendy and I left them around 2:00 and stopped by Williams-Sonoma for smoothie samples and little paper cups of jelly beans before going home. Then in the evening I went out to Brooklyn because a friend of mine was in town and had dinner with her and some of her family at a good Mexican place. And now I'm spending Easter Sunday at home being lazy. All in all not a bad weekend.


Callai said...

My love for art history started with a love for Ancient Egypt. There is something innately magical about that culture. :)

Kirsten said...

hahaha... your brother sounds adorable :) 'the boss' hehe.

Meg said...

He's cute when he wants to be, but sometimes...not so cute.