Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Totally Stressed

This is from yesterday evening and there's even less fur today. I know, I know, if my biggest concern in life is my cat losing all his hair then my life isn't so bad. I do realize that. But still, just look at my previously totally handsome darling. If I just knew what was wrong with him it would be better. I'm talking to the vet tomorrow about this latest bald patch.


tonya said...

Oh no, I wonder what's wrong?... My cat would shed a lot in the summer but she never had actual bald spots. So all that work you guys did cleaning and it wasn't ringworm!

Meg said...

I know, right. My apartment has never been so clean so I guess that's a good thing anyway. :)

So far we've basically ruled out mites, thyroid problems, and anything that could be found via blood testing, like liver and kidney problems. It could be an auto-immune problem but that seems unlikely considering that he has FIV. Another possibility is unfortunately cancer and because of his other health problems we wouldn't put him through a serious course of treatment for that. We've got him on steroids now (which should help for either of those two things) and we're just going to see what happens.

The good news is that he seems to be in good spirits and not too horribly upset about, or uncomfortable because of, the bald patches. Which surprises me because the hair has been coming off still attached to dry skin and I would think that it would be itchy. And he happens to be a great pill-taker. :D