Tuesday, August 26, 2008

iGoogle and Other Miscellany

Apparently I'm now part of Google's experiment with iGoogle that has left-hand navigation and this canvas view thing. As you can see above. My gmail doesn't work as well nor does my reader and it makes everything look more cramped and crowded when I'm not looking at a specific app. So basically I think it sucks and I'm not terribly happy to be stuck with it. Just saying. 

Amy, at Shots off the Crossbar, linked to a not entirely shitty Bucky Gleason article in the Buffalo News. My least favorite sports columnist starts out pretty well, but can't help ending up in the usual Bucky zone of stating the blindingly obvious:
See, at times, this job becomes one. You become so accustomed to seeing great athletes perform at the highest levels that, after a while you forget how to cheer. Over time, I guess, objectivity stole one of the things I liked most about following sports, having a rooting interest.
Stop the presses: Bucky is out of touch with the common fan? Somewhere along the line he stopped getting it? I imagine it's too much to hope that he takes this realization and remembers it while covering the Sabres this year. Every time he begins to write something that condescends to the fans he should take a moment and remember what it's like to be a fan. And by that I don't mean what it's like to be a fan of Drury, Briere, and Campbell. I mean what it's like to be a fan of a team. Yeah, I'm not holding out much hope. (Side note to the Buffalo News: Copyedit better. That last sentence I quoted could be a bit less awkward grammatically, no?)

My previously balding cat now has peach fuzz on his formerly bald patches and is looking rather less ugly. I may be treating the symptom not the disease, but at least he's a bit less ugly. 

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amy said...

My iGoogle page flipped to the tab format about three weeks ago. The only thing I don't like about the change is that it mucked with opening Gmail inside the same browser window. It disables the links in each email. If I want links to work, I need to open a new tab in Firefox.

I wish Google would send out some sort of feedback form about the change.