Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Cat Update

My cat is so fucking bald, you guys. My roommate and I were away from the weekend (more on that later) and when we got back he had tons of new bald spots. Then, yesterday, the ringworm culture finally came back and it's negative. So the cleaning, the bleaching, the baths, the endless laundry, all for nothing. We carted him off to the vet yesterday and they scraped for mites and tested his thyroid. Which turns out to be OK. So we're treating him for mites anyway--they can avoid the scalpel--and if the mite treatment doesn’t work the next possibility is an auto-immune disease. Which would be painfully ironic given the fact that he’s supposed to be immuno-suppressed. Anyway, we're definitely hoping it's mites at this point but he's neither itchy nor inflamed, just well on his way to looking like a Sphinx cat, so who knows.

Either way, on the bright side, I can stop bathing the cat and doing my laundry/bleaching my room every other day.

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