Sunday, June 01, 2008


Despite being named after the protagonist of a famous love story, Pyramus couldn't be called a classy cat. But lately he's taking it to positively dog-like levels:

He's actually not the first cat I've had who enjoyed drinking from the toilet either.


Schnookie said...

Poor Pyramus! He's probably thinking, "Oh, it's not like I go and post all of your foibles for the world to see on the internet!" What a hilarious picture, though!

(We also have a few toilet-drinkers in our household. And when one of them was a kitten, he watched an adroit toilet-drinker having at it, and decided he wanted to try it himself. He didn't have the balance or dexterity for it, though, and ended up being our first and last feline toilet-swimmer.)

Meg said...

Oh, he has no shame. He's all, "oh yeah, look at that balance, bitches!"

Your poor little toilet-swimmer (too funny, too sad)!

Caitlin said...

My cat does this too, so when I open the door to my bathroom and he's drinking out of the toilet, he looks at me like, "What? Don't YOU drink out of the toilet?"

Pyramus is awesome and adorable, though. :)