Monday, June 30, 2008

Maine (Part III)

On our penultimate day in Maine we went back to Camden and ate lunch in their pretty little park overlooking the harbor.

Then we did a short hike (which my ankle survived, fortunately) up to a low peak with a tower on top of it and a nice view of Camden.

We topped off the day by leaving my brother in the hotel and walking out to the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse, which we could see from the hotel balcony. From the balcony it didn't seem very far, but up close it looked far more like the mile walk that it is.

The lighthouse itself wasn't particularly interesting (you couldn't go in or anything) but the walk was nice. We did see this large spider on the building.
I tried to get a picture where there was an actual reference for the size but the spider moved and I jumped about three feet so it didn't actually come out.

My dad was on some kind of Robert Redford kick and we'd watched The Sting earlier in the week so after the lighthouse we watched Three Days of the Condor, which I could have lived without seeing.

On Friday we had to leave fairly early and drive back to Portland so I could catch my return flight. We did have time to stop in a town along the way, the name of which I forget, to go on a boat tour for Cody. We saw other lots of other boats, lobster traps and buoys, and islands. So not terribly exciting but quite nice.

Actually, that probably describes the trip as a whole. It was nice to get a break and I had a lot of time to read and relax and while it wasn't a thrill a minute or anything it was lovely nevertheless.


Anonymous said...

I am very impressed with the pictures you took of our beautiful state of Maine. I, especially liked, the picture you took of the sunset...that is an award winning picture.

Our family does lighthouse tours in
Maine and we recently got back from our first tour of the summer.
Things begin to pick up, on the coast, after the first of July. That is the reason you may not have been able to do some of the things you would like to do because some of the places were closed.

Actually, you chose a time to come to Maine that is more relaxed, quiet, and less crowded.

We will be posting our tour very soon on our blog at

There are many fun things to do in Maine that appeal to young people.
Perhaps you can come again when everything is open.


Meg said...

I'm glad you like the photos! I hadn't been to Maine since I was very little (about 6, I think) and it really was so beautiful. All I had to do to get good pictures was press the button. :)

I actually wasn't prevented from doing too much because of things being closed, I'm happy to say. It was more a combination of different family members being interested in different things (apparently some people in my family like to relax on their vacations, what's with that?) and my sprained ankle preventing us from doing anything but the easiest of hiking and walking around. The first several days of our vacation I was not terribly mobile. I think the most notable thing we skipped was that we would have liked to go kayaking but decided it was too windy, the day we had time. Still though, living in New York City a little peace and quiet is a welcome change.

I'd love to get back there sometime in the not too distant future, uninjured, and do some real hiking and camping among other things--liking seeing lighthouses, perhaps. :)

Schnookie said...

I love that you keep saying that your trip wasn't very exciting, but these pictures are all so beautiful that I'm like, "Wait, what? How is that not exciting?" :D

This sounds like a perfectly relaxing and laid-back vacation, in a truly gorgeous setting (I'm such a sucker for Maine) -- thanks for sharing it here!