Monday, May 19, 2008

Fairy Tales

The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales edited by Maria Tatar

The book itself is lovely and I like the annotations. I'm more interested in the historical development of the tales than in the psychological analysis of them and Tatar keeps a good balance. What really makes the book so worthwhile though is the numerous full color illustrations, many from the late 1800s and early 1900s.
.......Grandmother lived deep in the woods, about half an hour's walk from the village. No sooner had Little Red Riding Hood set foot in the forest than she met the wolf. Little Red Riding Hood had no idea what a wicked beast he was, as so she wasn't the least afraid of him.
......."Good morning, Little Red Riding Hood," the wolf said.
......."Thank you kindly, Mr. Wolf," she replied.
They set off for the ball, and Cinderalla followed them with her eyes for as long as possible. When they were out of sight, she began to cry. Her godmother, who saw that she was in tears, asked what was wrong. "I should so like to . . . I shouls so like too . . . ." Cinderella was sobbing so hard that she cound not finish the sentence."

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