Wednesday, July 25, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance

I've suddenly developed a thing for So You Think You Can Dance. In theory I know it's totally annoying, and yet there I am watching anyway. I actually torrented all the old episodes so as to be caught up. I'm so lame. So anyway, today's episode was the first one I actually watched on the television.

And that Wade Robson dance was so cheesy that I'm more than half wishing I hadn't. Seriously, the peace signs and the spraypainted words on the shirts, the obnoxious as all get out John Mayer song, the scream, flashing the audience a peace sign at the end of the routine? The absolute cliche of it all. I'm sure a stupider dance could be put together, but this was plenty bad enough. And the shirts. I almost hate to harp on them, but they're like a particularly silly summer camp art project.

And in case anyone is dying to know my opinions, I think Pasha is adorable, Lacey and Sara are totally likeable, Danny is flat out too good for this show, and contemporary dance simply has to be more diverse and interesting than it appears to be on this show. Doesn't it? Also, I feel like I'm totally missing the Sabra thing. She just bores me.

Wait, okay, I need to say more on this Danny thing. I think the judges and their "break down these walls" schtick are full of crap. God forbid someone comport themself with a bit of dignity and reserve and, shock of shocks, subtlety. Apparently that needs to be chipped away at until you get the same over-emoted, smack you in the face acting that most of the contestants do, both when performing and when standing in front of the judges.

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