Saturday, July 28, 2007

Do people actually do things with their weekends?

At work Friday we were talking about how it was nice that it was supposed to rain this weekend because rain makes it totally acceptable to sit on your couch all weekend doing nothing. Of course there hasn't been a hint of rain, but I sat around all day anyway. Not on my couch though because I only have airconditioning in my bedroom. It seems a bit odd to say that Buffalo weather can spoil a person, but growing up in Buffalo has left me feeling totally unequipped to deal with New York summers. Buffalo summers are like a particularly fabulous apology for the snowy winters (which I enjoy anyway) and feature weather in the mid-70s with low humidity.

I actually did get quite a bit done today. I went food shopping and made mashed potatoes. I also used our juicer to squeeze my own orange juice which is a lovely treat. I can't be bothered to do it very often and I always forget just how much better than the storebought stuff it really is. Pyramus was being particularly needy this afternoon, and stared at me the whole time, baffled as to why I would prefer doing such a thing rather than sit down and cuddle him. I felt pretty good about the whole thing.

I also called the Nikon people to whom I sent my camera over a month ago for repairs. I've been worrying that it got lost in the mail because their customer service site says that they'll email you once they receive the camera. As it turns out, that's a huge lie. What they actually do is send you a letter in the mail, and while they supposedly sent me one, I certainly never received it. So I approved the charges, but I don't think I'll have it in time for my trip to Montana (next week).

We're going to Glacier Nat'l Park, which is exciting, but I don't think I'm really in good enough shape for the hiking my father has planned. I have bad ankles to begin with and I sprained my left ankle (the worse of the two) a couple times this past winter--the second time pretty badly. Which makes me feel particularly ridiculous because both times I did it by tripping over things in my living room. Anyway, it still doesn't feel totally right, but for the last month it has been at a point where I can do pretty much everything I normally do without pain. But I got even more out of shape than I normally am in the time it was bothering me, and now trying to get back into shape is frustrating me to no end. If only I were one of those people who enjoys working out.

And this post has been even more self-indulgent than is my norm, so apologies for that.

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