Thursday, June 21, 2007

Idan Raichel Project

My sister was in town Sunday with her boyfriend for the Idan Raichel Project concert at SummerStage. They're an Israeli group and I had not only never heard of them, I am also completely incapable of pronouncing the name. And of course, I can't understand what they're saying either. No matter though, I got a chance to talk to my sister (who I don't see very often) and that was lovely as was the concert, really.

The music is great sounding and also, I think, perfect for summer with its Ethiopian and Middle Eastern influences. I couldn't stay the whole time because I had to go meet people for dinner, and in some ways I wasn't sorry to go because it was blazing hot, but I was sorry to leave my sister early and to miss out on the music. Anyway, here are a couple of songs:


Siyaishaya Ingoma

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