Tuesday, March 27, 2007


With spring upon us the weather here has been quite nice. On Sunday I went ice skating at Central Park with Wendy. We've been planning to go for ages but things kept coming up--like my sprained ankle which is getting better rather slowly. Despite a rink full of somewhat dangerous skaters it was a good time. It's lovely to be skating and have the city rising all around you. New York is beautiful from Central Park which is something I always forget because I go there so rarely.

With the warmer weather I've also been trying to get out and about for walks. These pictures are from today.

Anshe Meseritz Synagogue:

St. Marks on the Bowery:

Grace Church:

The magnolia is just beginning to flower. I'll try to get better pictures in a week or so when it's in full bloom. The courtyard of the church is very pretty then.

$1 books outside Strand:

13th Street and Broadway:

This wall used to be painted with an advertisement for rum, filled with scantily clad, buxom women. I think this is much more entertaining. Crunch always seems to have good advertising. When I first moved to the city--nearly five years ago now--they were giving out little trial membership cards that said, "YES, MY ASS FEELS SPONGY!"

Where I bought dinner:

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