Thursday, March 29, 2007

Prelude to a Kiss

My cousin and her fiancée were in town briefly so I went out last night with them and my grandmother, who is very excited at the prospect of adding a new granddaughter to the family. Narrowly avoiding eating at Applebees (because there's seriously no reason to eat there when you live in New York) we had a very nice dinner. She wanted me to choose the restaurant which I wasn't really prepared to do. I don't really know the Bway/Times Square area that well so I can't pick restaurants off the top of my head. The only place I could think of was Saigon 48--which is very good, and very cheap should you be in the area--but I couldn't remember its location. I'd forgotten the 48 bit of the name. We ended up eating at West Bank Cafe which was just expensive enough that I wouldn't have suggested it myself for fear of imposing. My grandmother would never say no, so I try not to put her in a position where she might. It was great though--particularly the desserts--so I'm very glad we went there instead of Applebees.

I knew nothing about Prelude to a Kiss and hadn't really had a particular interest in seeing it, although I also wasn't disinterested. It's kind of Freaky Friday except the body switchers aren't related and one of them doesn't immediately want to switch back. Anyway, it's decidedly mediocre and I imagine that there are two reasons it's been popular: a) It stars the guy who played Frasier Crane's father b) it's got a happy ending which the old ladies around us seemed to appreciate quite a bit.

Less appreciative, was the forty-something year old man sitting behind us. At one point the young and fairly freaked-out groom kisses Frasier's Daddy who is really his wife in another body. He loves his wife and it makes total sense for him to do this in the context of the play. Furthermore, it's not exactly the kind of kiss that leads to people jumping into bed sans clothing and getting down to business. But clearly these things didn't matter much to forty-something who said, "Ewww," so loudly that half the theater must have heard him. Seriously? What are you, seven? Grow up. Probably some tourist from Omaha. I certainly hope so anyway.


Kirsten said...

so was the play good? it sounds interesting...

i will make an eclair thing at some point. Also, i intend to be much more social but right now i'm swamped with work. bah.

Meg said...

I thought it was fairly mediocre. Not bad and I had a fine time but not something I would recommend either. I'm glad I wasn't the one paying for my ticket.

An eclair thing sounds delicious.

I've been assuming you're pretty swamped with sewing and such. :)