Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Italian Dish

My grandfather has been, let us say, bothered that I don't call more often. I don't call anyone, so I don't feel particularly guilty about this. I feel even less guilty when he has other people call to nag me about not calling him. I may be nag-free for a while though--yeah right--as I went out with him and my grandmother last night. A friend of theirs does a cabaret-type show so I met them after work and we went out for dinner and then to her show.

The show was at a new cultural center at the South Street Seaport. I've actually never been there or, really, considered going there. We ate at a nice enough Italian restaurant though, where we were served by a pleasant waitress with an Eastern European accent. Not much atmosphere and it was quite empty (as was the whole area, no real surprise on a Tuesday night) which I hate in a restaurant, but the food was good. I was informed that my grandfather called his mother every day even though she never called him. I rolled my eyes. Dinner proceeded smoothly. I actually love seeing them for all I complain about the nagging.

Anyway, the friend who does the cabaret show is someone my grandfather met at his gym and she obviously loves the performing. The show is called Italian Dish and features her little stories about songs mixed in with songs about food. Her enthusiasm made it fun and I thought the show as a whole was very charming.

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