Sunday, April 27, 2008

Up Close and Personal with the Paper Boats Balcony

Having nothing better to write about on this not-terribly-nice day, I thought I'd provide a little tour of my now thoroughly be-planted balcony. We went with a purple and yellow theme this year, with a touch of white. To start with we have this purple plant with little flowers (most of which aren't blooming at present. Next up are two planters full of marigolds which live on a bench.On the far side of the bench we have a big pot of pansies. And then next to them a table with some snapdragons (which aren't really in focus--sorry!).

Then comes the storage container with its smaller pot of pansies.
And between our balcony and the neighbors we have this little planter full of white flowers. I love these (and various other small wildflowery plants) but they call for full sun so we can only put them in the one place. Then we have another bench standing on the storage container. The aloe goes on the right side of the bench but it's inside at the moment and on the left side of the bench we have a geranium.
Here is Pyramus hanging out. He used to be a street cat and still loves to chill outside whenever he gets a chance. He demanded I take a break from photographing flowers and provide him with a lap to sit on though. And then we have the jasmine, which has been trying to die for over a year now. It's the only plant other than the aloe that we bother to bring inside for the winter and the cats love nothing better than to eat it and then throw up translucent green liquid and partially masticated leaves. Wendy keeps watering the poor thing but I doubt it'll ever be healthy again.
And that was a kind of depressing note to end on. Oh well.


Schnookie said...

You keep telling us you're not very gardeny, but these flowers all look great! What a cheerful balcony! Pyramus looks especially pleased with them, almost like he's waiting for everyone's backs to be turned so he can get nibbling.

Meg said...

Alas, they look great for one reason and one reason only . . . my roommate does all the caretaking while I sit back and enjoy the fruits of her labor. :D

Seriously, she was away for a good chunk of time last summer and when she got back the only plant that looked good was the aloe. Which positively flourished under my care. I assume she had been watering it too much. On the plus side though, at least I know I'm good with succulents.