Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Taking a brief break from Japan--we shall resume tomorrow with Hiroshima and Miyajima--happy almost-ended Halloween everyone! I'm a big fan of holidays that involve neither religion nor ways we screwed over the Native Americans so it's definitely a favorite of mine. Every year since I've moved here, Wendy and I have gotten dressed up and gone to watch the parade in Greenwich Village. Of course we never get there early enough to get a good spot but it's fun anyway.

Anyone who wears a costume can walk in the parade but the organized groups and floats are definitely the best. You see everything from topless ladies wearing body paint to war protesters to people dressed up as fruit. Anyway, I'm not so good at photographing things I can barely see in the dark, but here are a few pictures anyway:
Walking to the parade.
One of the floats.
Neat--but difficult to see because I didn't aim the camera right--dragon.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!

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