Monday, February 19, 2007


One of my babies just had a $700 vet appointment. We're still waiting on blood tests but it would seem that he has asthma and nothing more worrisome. Well, except for the FIV and mild heart murmur but we've known about those for a long time. Actually, one piece of very good news that came out of this is that he hasn't caught Feline Leukemia from our other cat. Seeing as she grooms him compulsively in addition to sharing the food dishes, water dish, and litter box, I think this is probably a pretty good sign that she's not going to infect him (knock on wood). We're just going to chalk this entire visit up as one of those you're-lucky-you're-so-damn-cute moments.

He was very good about his X-rays though and didn't need to be sedated. I'm proud of him. Particularly because that saved about $75. And while I can manage this, I'm going to be bargain-hunting and sticking to free events for a bit, I think. The vets love him because he's basically a big, terrified teddy bear. My roommate is working toward becoming a vet herself and got the vet to show us what they looked for on the X-rays and how they determined that he had asthma and not pneumonia or anything like that. Quite interesting. Also, asthma was pretty much the best-case scenario because anything else could have indicated that his immune system wasn't functioning properly. So it was a good, if expensive, day.


Kirsten said...

poor kitty... I will send some of Ryo's energy his way. She is back to being crazy cat... with dirty ears, and dreadlocks... haha. =^..^=

Meg said...

Oh, yay! I'm so glad to hear she's doing better. He's actually feeling just fine, which is good. Apparently his blood work was beautiful so it's just the asthma to worry about. And we think the medicine they prescribed him is starting to help.

So no Ryo-esque odyssey's here thankfully.