Sunday, February 25, 2007

Birthday Party

Today was my grandmother's 80th birthday party and, despite drama about cakes, storms, and family politics, it went off well. My grandmother seemed pleased though as she had no idea all her children would be in town. And the cake was very pretty even though I'm not a fan of buttercream frosting. Looks nice, but tastes too much like eating a stick of butter.

We went to an Italian restaurant near my grandparent's apartment called Portofino where they've been going for twenty-some-odd years. My aunt might have provided the cake, but they provided the balloon:

Just as we were arriving there was a birthday party going on for a rather elderly looking woman. We think perhaps they recycled the balloon.

It's a pretty typical, nice yet not super-expensive Italian restaurant. The decor is unobtrusive without looking as though they just had no idea what to do. Some pictures from the restaurant:

Beyond the restaurant we pretty much just sat around the apartment, which was nice in it's way. It's changed quite a bit since I was little but it's still homier than my other grandparents' apartments. No one follows you around with coasters as if you're out to ruin their furniture so that's always a plus. It was a good afternoon all told.

In keeping with the flower theme, my grandmother's birthday flowers:

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