Saturday, January 20, 2007

Century 21

I had to go to the Century 21 store on Cortlandt Street last week to exchange a sweater I'd been given. The store has the distinction of having the stupidest employees I have ever encountered. It took 40 minutes at the register to exchange the sweater I had with an identical sweater in a different size despite the fact that I had the receipt and was making the exchange within the appropriate time frame. As if that weren't bad enough it was a cold, rainy evening with those misty low-hanging clouds. Took photographs because it seems to make pointless errands seem like less of a waste.

To get there from my apartment you take the 6 train from Bleeker Street:

The station name is on the walls in pretty tiles but that's about the only thing it has to recommend it. It's one of the dirtier stations I go to regularly, and dark with no benches. There's a smell of vomit around the place generally as well.

The 6 ends at the Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall station which is a station I don't go to regularly at all. I generally have no need whatsoever to be in that area and generally I'd walk instead of taking the subway. It's a weird station because you come out of it into a high-ceilinged covered area that architecturally seems like it's meant to be grand. But the tiles it's build with and the general state of dirtiness contradict that.

I actually kind of like the area though. As you come out, getting to the street, it's quite pretty:

And then you cross the street by the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge and walk past City Hall and City Hall Park:

Nothing spectacular. The pictures didn't come out as well as I'd like but so it goes.

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