Saturday, January 20, 2007

And Just Like That...

I've got a job once more. The same job actually. The assistant who was back from maternity leave transferred to a different department and before I even got around to applying for a new job, they asked me to come back. Which is nice and all. It'll be a full time job this time around, which means I get things like sick days and vacation days. I have a week off and then I start back. It's not particularly what I want to be doing for the rest of my life (because we all want to be assistants for ever and ever, right?) but it'll allow me to pay my half of the rent and kitty-care. My roommate is mostly amused that I managed to get a job by sitting around in my pajamas watching Midsomer Murders. It's really not my fault she bought all those DVDs though. I blame her entirely for the fact that I'm now spending my time at home watching British murder mysteries. The picture of Radio City Music Hall is just there because it's near my past and future place of employment. And I liked the steam.

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