Monday, February 15, 2010

Notes on the Olympics

  1. My apartment has been about 82 degrees the past few days (with the windows open) which is making it a bit torturous to watch the Winter Olympics. All that snow! All that cool air!

  2. These Alexandre Bilodeau features make me teary. Also, let me just say that having a disabled brother--mine has Down syndrome--never inspired me to any sort of greatness nor instilled within me any particular motivation. Oops.

  3. Related: I love it when the entire crowd at an event sings O Canada. I also love O Canada.

  4. Things I hate about NBC: Their refusal to show anything live. Their insistence that I love figure skating. The fact that they spoil the results of events they have yet to show right on their homepage so that when you go to look up their stupid broadcast schedule said results are spoiled for you. They're showing ice dancing on the main channel rather than the Canada-USA hockey game which means those of us without cable (see: me) can't watch the hockey game. Their sappy features that take away from time they could spend showing the sports that the Olympics are theoretically about.

  5. Winter Olympics: Fewer black people than the Republican National Convention?

  6. From Amy comes the news that the IOC wants to make Ryan Miller remove certain things from his mask. Things like the tribute to his dead cousin. I don't think that's a PR war the IOC wins.

  7. A lot of winter sports look terrifying yet fun. Cross-country skiing just looks like it would make me throw up.

  8. Despite all my complaining I love, love, love the Winter Olympics.

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