Friday, January 02, 2009

How I Spent My Day . . .

Scraping peeling--and cracked but not yet peeling--paint off the fucking bathroom ceiling. Wendy and I thought, it can't be as bad as last time, the bathroom hadn't been repainted in AGES last time we did it, a mere 2-1/2 years ago. We'll totally be able to do everything today. Well, let's just say that Wendy and I do not have fabulous powers of prognostication. Those pictures are from about 12:30, an hour into the progress. We finished scraping after 5. We got the plastering done as well, but I still need to sand down the plaster, prime, and paint tomorrow.

Since it's probably hard to tell from these shitty cell phone pictures, the tiles on the wall are yellow, the tiles on the floor are grey as are the tub, sink, and toilet. For that reason we'd initially painted the walls and ceiling to match the lighter grey floor tiles. This time around we're going for a shade of green called "palm breeze" (which I do not think is a very appealing name). 

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