Monday, October 20, 2008


I have bedbugs and I'm dealing with this fact with very little equanimity. I mean, I can't believe I've been sleeping with those things.

And honestly, after the huge hassle of this summer's ringworm false alarm and bleaching my entire fucking apartment and washing everything I own, actually having a pest infestation just feels like too much. I'm calling the building exterminator tomorrow morning and already part way through the washing, and I'm sure it will all get taken care of eventually. But seriously, so gross!


tonya said...

Ew is right. How did you find them? Did you actually see them?

Meg said...

Oh yes, I saw them. I thought I had hives and was somehow allergic to my bed, so I was stripping everything to wash it and when I took off the mattress cover--bugs! And I thought, my apartment is clean, how can I have bugs? But it turns out it doesn't actually matter when it comes to bedbugs because the only thing they eat is blood anyway.

The exterminator has already come once (and is coming two more times) but it's still kind of freaking me out.