Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Verizon Hates Me, My Roommate, and the Environment

Some time ago Verizon installed fiber-optic cable whatever in our building and ever since they have been nagging us to upgrade to the newly available higher-speed internet. While we do think our internet is slow we have no interest in doing this because it costs more money and we're cheap.

Anyway, they've probably called us 10 times at this point. When that didn't work they showed up at our door on a Saturday morning to try and give us their sales pitch. But today they reached new depths of absurdity. We got this lovely package from them:
It's . . . shiny. And is made of that bubble wrap stuff. Lots of lovely, not-at-all recyclable plastic. So what could be in it? This:
So, we've got a plastic sleeve holding a brochure?
Which encourages us to sign up for a service which we've already turned down time and time again. Do they think we're just going to give in and decide we've been wrong all this time? Do they think they can harass us into signing up for it? Do they enjoy wasting time and money while filling up landfills? At this point if we did decide to upgrade our internet service we'd do it with another company anyway because we now loathe Verizon. Nice job, guys.


bowlofpork said...

Just a quick hit from a comment you left on IPB last night after I left. I'm less worried about forwards than D for the Sabres for 3 reason.

1) I'm super-excited about having picked up Tim Kennedy from the Caps and I think he's going to turn into a powerhouse for us.

2)Nathan Gerbe (B.C.)was looking fast and dedicated last time I saw him play. It's not often that sort of drive disappears. I think he'll be right at home here.

3)Dylan Hunter (Rochacha?) may not be a scoring master, but he's a hell of a setup man. Some more ice time and a couple teammates willing to crash the net a bit and I think his numbers will explode.

Meg said...

I don't know if you'll see this, but I would say:

1) I like Kennedy quite a bit but I think he's going to be more of a 2nd-3rd liner in the NHL than a first line scorer. He's had some droughts at NCAA level and I would have liked to see him improve his scoring more from last year to this year.

2) I like Gerbe even more than Kennedy and I do think he'll make the NHL but he's tiny and I think that his size will effect him more at the NHL level. Again, I think he'll end up being second nor first line talent.

3) From what I've heard Hunter is a substandard skater who's highly unlikely to ever be an impact, first line player in the NHL if he ever makes it at all. I haven't seen him play but I've also never heard much good about his game.

We've got a bunch of forwards that could pan out as decent NHLers: Gogulla for example, and Paul Byron, who needs to add a lot of size--he's listed at 140 pounds--but has been great in the Q.

The problem is that there's basically no surefire 1st line talent. Lots of complimentary players but not kids who are likely to develop into gamebreakers at the NHL level.

So if they have an opportunity to get some players who have the potential to be high-scoring forwards at the NHL level I'd say that's their primary need. Regardless, I'd like them to take the best pick available in the early rounds no matter what position that pick plays and there are a bunch of D that I would be thrilled to see them pick up. A bunch of forwards as well. Either way, they are definitely going to have some good options.