Saturday, November 10, 2007

Japan Day 13: Final Day in Osaka

Saturday the 13th was my final day in Japan, and because I still had some souvenir shopping to do we planned to spend part of the day on that. First though, we wanted to visit the Japanese-style garden in Shittenoji temple. So that morning we walked across the street and paid for entrance into the garden. It was really the last touristy, fun thing I did so I figure it's the last thing I need to blog about. Which I'm going to do by simply leaving you with a bunch of pictures.

Ungyō (1 of the 2 guardians [Niō] that stand at the gates of most temples)

Niō: Agyō (the other of the two guardians [Niō])

Inside the garden.

One of the garden's two waterfalls.

There were two ponds, each with many large fish.

This little building symbolises something (as do many of the things in the garden) but I'm too lazy to look it up at the moment.

The larger pond was full of lotuses.

Even in mid-October there were some flowers.

And a lovely looking tea room on the way out.

And for all intents and purposes that concluded my stay in Japan. From which I returned very nearly a month ago. Whew.

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