Saturday, December 16, 2006

David Byrne = False Advertising!

Sad but true. David Byrne was not there. It was a fun evening though. Eclectic, shambolic, and friendly.

I'm not a reviewer and don't have a ton to say. The guest were great, there were no low points (although some songs didn't quite work for me) and an awful lot of high ones. Rufus and Martha make the best kind of hosts for a show like this, keeping things running to an extent, but also ceding the spotlight to their guests. My should I talk about the show though since you can see bits of it yourself via YouTube. Here are videos presumably lovely (and sneaky with those cameras) people have put up with my commentary.

I wish the whole song was up for this because it was one of the best bits of the night. Still, you can get the idea.

The video here was shown just after intermission as a message from Kate McGarrigle.

It's unfortunate that this one is blurry but it's fun to hear. I was so high up that my view wasn't much better than this.

Lou Reed--rather funny...although the joke was better the first time (this video) than on his second song.

This is one of those songs that really shows just how good Rufus can be. Not that I can understand a word of it mind you.

Some of my favorite songs don't appear to have been taped...very unfortunate. Still, it's great that anything was recorded at all.

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